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For eye care professionals

Varilux Physio 3.0

For effortless vision even on the move

Varilux Physio 3.0 lenses are the ideal solution for dynamic presbyopes.
  • Recommended for
    Presbyopic patients with an active lifestyle
  • Patient benefits
    A more seamless transition between the three zones
  • Guarantee
    Covered by the Varilux adaptation guarantee

Patient benefits

  • Confidence assured

With Varilux® progressive lenses, men and women starting to experience the first signs of age related weakening sight can regain their confidence by enjoying effortless sharp vision at any distance. Varilux is a trusted brand which has been forward thinking and innovative for the last 60 years and is currently the #1 progressive lens brand worldwide.(1)

  • Precisely optimised

Essilor’s exclusive digital-surfacing process is used to adapt the lens design precisely and optimise it for each individual wearer’s prescription, no matter how complex.

Lens protection with Crizal Sapphire UV

Crizal Sapphire UV provides protection against UV light and is anti-reflective, scratch resistant, smudge repellent, water repellent and dust repellent.

Learn more about Crizal Sapphire UV >

Varilux Physio 3.0


Wave 2.0 Logo  


​Wave 2.0 Technology

A design innovation which maps pupil size whilst utilising the latest wavefront technology.

• Coma control to reduce higher order aberration
• Axis control to keep the axis of unwanted astigmatism vertical in order to meet the eye preference
• Power control to extend vertically the zone of stabilised near power

In addition to analysing the entire beam of light, the lens calculation now integrates every possible pupil diameter.

Binocular Booster

80%* of presbyopes have a different prescriptions for left and right eyes. This visual gap requires our brains to work harder to merge retinal images. The new Binocular BoosterTM technology manages this difference along the meridian line, providing effortless vision through perfectly seamless transitions between near and distance vision zones.

Binocular Booster Logo  


Digital surfacing

Varilux Physio 3.0 are manufactured using digital surfacing, ensuring the performance of the lens is optimised.



Varilux Physio 3.0 lenses can be personalised with a precise prescription in 0.01D steps using measurements from the Vision-R 800 to deliver a subjective refraction.


Personalise your patient's Varilux Physio 3.0 lenses with their unique eyecode. A person's Eye Rotation Centre (ERC) can vary by up to 30%. Using Essilor's Visioffice system you can measure your patient's unique Eye Rotation Centre resulting in lenses that are more optically precise.

Frame fitting measurements

Incorporate your patient's frame fitting measurements with Varilux Physio f-360° resulting in lenses that are optimised for your patient's chosen frame and the way it has been fitted.


Lens Availability

Lens range

  Lineis 1.74 Stylis 1.67 Ormix 1.6 Airwear 1.59 Orma 1.5
Code - Varilux Physio 3.0 233 231 230 232 220
Code - Varilux Physio 3.0 short 244 242 241 243 234
Range -18 to +13 -14 to +9 -12 to +8 -10 to +6 -10 to +6
CYL +6.00 +6.00 +6.00 +6.00 +6.00
Addition 0.75 to 4.00 0.75 to 4.00 0.75 to 4.00 0.75 to 4.00 0.75 to 4.00
Prism 3.00 3.00 3.00 4.00 4.50

Lens Options

  Coatings Transitions Sun Personalisation
Eye Protect System
  Crizal Prevencia Signature GEN 8 Xperio Polarised Eyecode Yes
  Crizal Sapphire UV Style Colours E-Mirror UV AVA  
  Crizal Drive XTRActive React Tint f-360°  
  Crizal Easy UV   Essicolour Tint    
  Crizal Sun UV   Silver Shadow CT    

Marketing support

Varilux Digital Assets

Download images and videos of the number 1 varifocal brand worldwide.


Varilux Point of Sale

Get Varilux POS and patient leaflets for your recall letters.

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Varilux Physio 3.0 brochure

Download the Varilux Physio 3.0 brochure and find out more about Binocular Booster. Log in required.

Download (PDF) >

Varilux guarantee claim form

Download and complete the claim form to return your patient's lenses under the Varilux guarantee. Log in required.

Download (PDF) >
(1) Brand tracking – MSW – 19 countries – 2016 – 3750 PAL wearers – Highly satisfied wearers for Varilux® lenses vs. other progressive lenses
* Internal order database (20391 prescriptions)