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For eye care professionals

Near Vision Behaviour

Measurements tailored to patients’ near vision and reading behaviour

Near Vision Behaviour delivers a new personalisation parameter, positioning the near vision zone accurately for optimal visual comfort. This lens personalisation feature delivers the best possible vision, while helping the patient to achieve postural comfort.
 Near Vision Behavior measurement for Varilux X series


  • Optimised reading zone
    Personalised for each patients’ individual reading behaviour
  • Quick adaption
    Making it easier for patients to benefit from varifocal lenses
  • Innovative technology
    Measured with Eye Ruler 2 & Varilux X series App

Measuring Near Vision Behaviour

Body posture and visual behaviour are now very important elements when it comes to dispensing personalised lenses that are tailored perfectly to the individual. Everyone’s near vision behaviour is unique, and so we have introduced a new personalisation parameter called Near Vision Behaviour. This means you can accommodate patients who require varifocals more accurately than before.
By recreating familiar near vision tasks in practice, Near Vision Behaviour can be measured with 4 separate measurements that are captured and integrated into the lens.
Posture in near vision

Posture in near vision

(The way your patient holds the tablet)

Firstly measuring patients downward gaze, secondly, the distance from the screen, and third, lateral offset.

Visual Behaviour

Visual Behaviour


Fourth, measuring the way the patient reads

How it works?

Using a pseudo-reading test on a tablet, reading behaviour measurements can be taken, ensuring the reading zone is optimised for the right path and width of field. This can be done while maintaining social distancing, so you don’t have to compromise on quality of service under restrictions.
Near Vision Behaviour can be measured by fitting a parameter clip to the patients’ chosen frames while they engage with a pseudo-reading app. The clip and the camera on the tablet measure both eye and head movement, resulting in a near vision zone made specifically for the patients’ reading needs.

Differentiate your practice

Near Vision Behaviour parameters mean you’re able to provide a unique service for your patients, with personalised lenses in mind. With the Eye Ruler 2 and Varilux X series App, you have the chance to offer comfortable reading vision for each patient. Measuring near vision can help with quicker adaptation to wearing varifocals, resulting in happier patients with sharp, smooth vision.

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Varilux Xclusive 4D
Varilux X track 2

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X series App

Measure near vision behaviour to educate your patients and support your lens recommendations

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