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For eye care professionals


Unique combination of three revolutionary technologies

With Varilux X series our goal was to improve the acuity for the different distances to allow the wearer to seamlessly transition from one near to another. We achieved this. And more.

Introducing Xtend™ technology


Varilux X series introduces a new reference criterion: volume of vision. This volume of vision provides dynamic vision in a sphere at arm's length. This pioneering approach to near vision is a revolution in lens conception and is made possible by the new Xtend technology. This technology manages multiple targets for the same gaze direction and delivers the highest match with wearer's visual needs within arm's reach. Through Xtend technology, Varilux researchers have completely re-shaped a specific zone: the Arm's Length Vision zone (ALV).

Optimising acuity buffers


Xtend optimises acuity buffers which improves each addition variation, boosts depth of field and enhances the local surface shape to widen the acuity volume. This level of focus has allowed us to create a technology that significantly enhances the Varilux X series lens’ performance with the multiple nears.

It's all in the calculation


A new calculation model allows us to optimise each of the seven nan-optic elements within Xtend and generate acuity targets and evaluate the performance of lenses.

Managing multiple targets at the same time. Only with Xtend technology.

Varilux X series technology

Standard optimisation

One target for one gaze direction


Varilux X series technology
Xtend technology optimisation

Three targets for one gaze direction

Ensuring the widest field of view and least amount of swim effect

Nanoptix. A revolution in lens technology.

Nanoptix entirely re-engineers the fundamental structure of both lenses to reduce swim effect. As both base curve and power impact the beam deviation, their combination is optimised for each element. Swim effect is reduced by up to 90%.

Nanoptix improves swim effect by 90%
Varilux S series

Synchroneyes. A revolution in lens design.

Synchroneyes takes into account the physiological differences between the two eyes to ensure maximised fields of vision. Each lens optimisation integrates the differences between the right and left prescription as well as the distance between pupils. Binocular fields of vision are up to 50% wider.

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