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For eye care professionals

Varilux Liberty New Edition Guarantee

Reassure your patients

The Varilux Guarantee offers you the reassurance that should your patient experience non adaptation to their new Varilux lenses, Essilor Ltd will credit your account for the Varilux Lenses in question. Before a credit can be issued you are required to return the rejected Varilux lenses, a copy of the original order and a correctly completed Varilux Guarantee Form.

Full Terms & Conditions:

1. The Varilux Guarantee is available to practices registered with the General Optical Council.

2. The terms of the Varilux Guarantee apply only to cases where the lenses have been accurately manufactured and mounted to respect the ordered prescription, (meeting the ISO manufacturing and mounting standards*) but the wearer is unable to adapt to the new Varilux lenses.

3. If the wearer is unable to adapt the their new Varilux lenses, they have 60 days from Essilor's despatch date to return them to your practice and claim a credit. You have 100 days from the despatch date to return them with a claim form to Essilor.

4. The guarantee covers one replacement pair within the 2 year period which starts from the initial despatch date.

5. In order to claim a credit you are required to send a copy of the original order, together with the lenses and a correctly completed, signed and ticked decleration Varilux Guarantee claim form to whoever supplied the lenses i.e. Essilor Ltd or your Prescription House.

6. The Varilux Guarantee covers all Varilux lenses (glass and plastic).

7. Only one Varilux credit will be issued per patient.

8. The Varilux Guarantee does not cover glazing charges.

9. Essilor Ltd reserves the right to withdraw or cancel the Varilux Guarantee scheme from an individual practice without notice or explanation, in cases of misuse or any other form of misconduct.

10. In order for the claims to be processed the account must be operating within the agreed trading terms.

11. The Varilux Guarantee scheme is offered at the discretion of Essilor Ltd and is in addition to your statutory rights.


Patients' guarantee starts from the date of dispatch of their new lenses for a full 60 calendar days. The guarantee covers the complete range of Varilux lenses. You then have 100 calendar days to return the lenses with the relevant paperwork. The guarantee also covers:

–    Varilux S series
–    Varilux Physio 2.0 / Short
–    Varilux E series
–    Varilux Comfort New Edition / Short
–    Varilux Liberty New Edition / Short
–    Varilux Digitime Near/Mid/Room
–    Varilux Computer 2v / 3v
–    Varilux Sport
–    Interview